Filipino oral cancer patients come to Taiwan for facial reconstruction

The people of Taiwan benefited from the national health insurance and had no worries about medical treatment, but Philippine national Daniel suffered from oral cancer but had no money to operate the surgery. It took six years to complete the surgery. Finally, he was assisted by Xinguang Hospital to remove the tumor in the Philippines and came to Taiwan to complete Oral cancer reconstruction surgery, from despair to rebirth, plans to marry his girlfriend who has accompanied him against cancer all the way after returning to China.

Xinguang Hospital held a press conference yesterday. In addition to being happy to cut the birthday cake, Daniel thanked the medical team at Xinguang Hospital in Taiwan for giving him a chance to be reborn.

Physicians estimate that the medical costs associated with such operations from reconstruction to reconstruction will cost approximately NT$600,000 to NT$1 million in Taiwan, and even tens of thousands of dollars in the Philippines.

Daniel discovered a rare salivary gland tumor six years ago, and soon after his father suffered from lung cancer, seeking medical treatment to spend his money, he could only give up medical treatment and let the cancer worsen.

Hou Shengbo, director of the Department of Otolaryngology at Xinguang Hospital, was invited to the Philippines in May for a demonstration of oral cancer resection surgery. The local hospital arranged Daniel as a model patient to allow him to remove the tumor that was the fourth stage, but he had no money to do it. Facial reconstruction, defect of left jaw bone, affected appearance and unable to eat normally.

Hou Shengbo learned of his situation. After returning to Taiwan, he ran around in various ways and finally obtained free medical care from Xinguang Hospital, allowing him to come to Taiwan for reconstruction surgery.

The otolaryngology and orthopedics team of the hospital underwent a 14.5 hour marathon operation, and reconstructed the lower jaw bone with a lower leg bone to restore Daniel’s appearance and can open his mouth and chew. Dean Hou Shengmao said yesterday that the Success is a concrete manifestation of love without borders.