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Viesaine International Health Consult was established in Taipei and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2019. In order to deeply cultivate the new southbound market and promote international medical treatment, Viesaine International Health Consult combines Taiwan’s high-quality medical, high-tech and friendly services to connect the tourism industry and develop the development of the medical industry, while driving the development of Taiwan’s high-value technology-based service industry.

The overall marketing of Taiwan’s medical service brands promotes the development of the country’s overall image, making “served by taiwan” a new symbol of Taiwan’s economy and enhancing Taiwan’s international visibility.

“The Hope of the Sun” uses the English initials V and S to constitute the main recognition and become an irreplaceable trademark. The V-shaped sun is an essential element for exploring a beautiful journey. It not only brings warmth to people, but also radiates light in all directions. Rich medical resources and channels, S-shaped phoenix, well-known spirit beast in Asia, extremely noble, phoenix is ​​a symbol of immortality and rebirth, just like we use the light of phoenix to give the most noble service, and all the protection of the brand In order to seek health, there are Different needs, and looking for customers in different fields.


Viesaine International Health Consult takes high-quality anti-aging assessment and whole-body health examination as the starting point, and cooperates with many professional clinical laboratories and medical centers at home and abroad to deepen the genetic level, cell level and organ function, and accurate detection will find the key for you Hidden problems, and then personalized treatment plans for personal health needs, tailor-made exquisite anti-aging treatment.