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Comestic Surgery

Safe Quality

Taiwan’s medical beauty standards are quite strict. In addition to the special management law, the medical standards have long been recognized by all countries in the world. At the same time, doctors have different areas of expertise and can give the best improvement suggestions for each customer. The operation will also be monitored by professional anesthesiologists throughout the process, providing you with a surgical environment like a medical center, and with the professional skills of senior physicians, allowing you to find confidence in the most secure and safe environment, meet better and more beautiful Of yourself.

Advanced equipment​​

The operating rooms in the medical beauty clinic are set up in accordance with the national sterility standards, and the introduction of medical center-level anesthesia machines, endoscopes, real-time physiological monitoring systems, surgical instrument equipment and U.S. certified medical equipment are used. The factory has also passed the approval of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the US FDA license, the European CE and the Korean KFDA certification, in order to let you come from afar With the help of the beauty treatment, I regained my confidence.


Micro-plastic injections are very expensive. In the past, people with high spending power often chose medical and aesthetic services; now, with the rapid development of the micro-plastic market, Taiwan Medical and Medical Clinic has invested a lot of money to purchase original consumables and suppress the cost by quantity To allow consumers to enjoy high-quality medical and aesthetic services at a price close to the people, bringing everyone the effect of envy. Taiwan’s medical aesthetic technology is advanced, the environment is safe and hygienic, but the price is more close to the people than Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. Therefore, it attracts many international customers to travel to Taiwan and experience professional medical treatments.

Complete Management

The World Health Organization (WHO) has rated Taiwan’s medical services as the first in Asia. All nurses in medical and aesthetic clinics must have a nurse license, nutritionists must have a college entrance examination license, beauticians must have a beauty technician license, and a professional consultant. It must be well-educated to make accurate judgments and care for customers. In addition, the Taiwan Medical Aesthetic Clinic provides a warm and comfortable environment, customized treatment arrangements, and more systematic management. Each customer’s privacy is protected and respected, and the quality of service is controlled.


Through the perfect planning of Erkai International’s one-stop integrated service, it provides more exquisite services such as transportation, consultation and follow-up tracking, so that you can complete the medical treatment process comfortably. At the same time, according to your needs, we will customize a glorious Taiwan journey for you, allowing you to witness the magnificence of Taipei 101 during your medical treatment in Taiwan; in the afternoon, taste the sweetness of Taiwanese tea until Jiufen; night is low After going down, walk into the night market to experience the sweet and bitter taste of Taiwanese cuisine. Taiwan’s exclusive retro romance will definitely leave a deep and beautiful impression on you.

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