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DNA Genetic Cancer Risk Test

DNA Genetic Cancer Risk Test

DNA Genetic Cancer Risk Test is to detect cancer early

Cancer is a disease that everyone hears of discoloration. In Asia, people with breast cancer and rectal cancer rank first. According to research (Nat. Cancer Inst. 2015 ), when the genetic mutation of cancer is inherited, the risk of cancer will be as much as 20 times, and about 10-15% of cancers are due to genetic variation. Therefore, through accurate genetic testing, early detection of mutated cancer risk factors in the body, early treatment, will improve survival rate.

  • Examination of up to 98 genes associated with 25 high-risk cancers
  • Use the most advanced next-generation single molecule sequencing (NGSSMSEQ®)
  • Test results are evaluated by a team of physicians in the United States
  • Provided health risk management plan
  • Correct, affordable and advanced testing
  • Simple blood or saliva test

Suitable for

  • Want to understand that you are a high cancer risk group
  • People who have been exposed to work in a highly carcinogenic environment for a long time, have long-term stress, mental fatigue, and unwell physical conditions
  • Family cancer history: One person (including the above) in the same family has cancer
  • A close relative has a history of cancer related to heredity

Detect 98 genes, 25 cancer risks

Viesaine health consult cancer gene test is a more comprehensive and affordable test on the market. It can detect 98 sets of genes and provide you with the complete risk of 25 major cancers.


After receiving your saliva sample, it will be handed over to a highly-specialized laboratory by highly trained technicians. Finally, the test results will be reviewed by a team of professional medical doctors in the United States. Understand the test report.

Breast, prostate, large intestine and rectum, stomach, esophagus, small intestine, endometrium, myometrium, cervix, ovary, urinary tract and bladder, kidney, thyroid, soft tissue, lung and pleura, pancreatic exocrine part, pancreatic endocrine Department, head and neck, central nervous system, skin, bones, various secretory glands, liver, blood and peripheral nervous system.

This test is analyzed by CLIA certified and CAP certified laboratories and meets the highest quality clinical testing standards.