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Taiwan Medical Tourism

Know about Taiwan

Taiwan Medical has an important position in the world. Outstanding medical technology and comfortable environment provide the safest medical services. In addition, Taiwan is belong to Asian transport hub. A great advantage in the convenience of receiving medical services that prevents travelers from the weariness because of  Long-distance flights. In addition, we have established a one-stop medical service to enable international clients to easily enjoy medical services. At the same time, when you come to Taiwan, you can not only experience a good medical environment. Taiwan has a central mountain range running from north to south, plus the innate advantage of being surrounded by the sea. The green forests and the sea breezes have rich natural landscapes and Unique humanistic style, comfortable climate throughout the year, and Taiwan tour can also make you enjoy the most relaxing medical tourism experience, providing physical and mental satisfaction.


High - Quality

International medical standard

The healthcare index ranks first in Taiwan, and according to Numbeo information on the global database website, the 2020 Health Care Index rankings, Taiwan ranks first with 86.71 points, South Korea 81.97 points second, Japan 81.14 points third. At the same time, most medical centers and regional hospitals have passed the Joint Commission of Taiwan, JCT certification, which is derived from the American System of Hospital Evaluation and Medical Quality Policy. In addition, as of 2019, Taiwan has a total of 17 medical institutions that passed the United States JCI International Hospital Evaluation Joint Commission International Hospital Accreditation.

Technology & Innovation

Same level as European and American national hospitals

Taiwan’s medical institutions use the most advanced medical equipment, and the equipment is equal to or even more than that owned by American hospitals; according to the statistics of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, as of 2019, Taiwan has 43 positive imaging equipment PET, 247 nuclear magnetic resonance instruments MRI and 446 faults Scanner CT also introduced the first medical particle therapy equipment in 2015 to provide comprehensive care and prevention; in addition, hospitals in Taiwan can provide real-time patient services through the WiMAX Technology monitoring system of the wireless network, providing home care 24-hour health control, through RFID, can track the patient’s medication safety and patient identification, giving patients more security.

Comprehensive Specialties

Diverse and complete medical resources

From preventive medicine, health examination, diagnosis, to disease treatment, the medical network of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine is integrated, and various health examinations are tailored for patients with the most advanced medical equipment. In addition, it integrates Chinese medicine treatments to provide more diverse medical services.

Leading Physicians

Diverse and complete medical resources

From preventive medicine, health examination, diagnosis, to disease treatment, the medical network of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine is integrated, and various health examinations are tailored for patients with the most advanced medical equipment. In addition, it integrates Chinese medicine treatments to provide more diverse medical services.

Patient - Oriented Services

Provide a complete plan of health management

Each hospital provides an independent health management center, separate from the general medical premises, in order to provide patients with sufficient privacy and the most comfortable services. The dedicated medical team takes the patient as the center, leads the patient and assists in completing all procedures from the side. After the inspection, the patient will be provided with the most complete health management plan, and will assist in the appointment of follow-up follow-up inspection.


Medical expenses are lower than Europe, America, Japan and other countries

Taiwan’s medical institutions provide the most innovative medical technology and equipment, and fully trained professionals, but the cost of surgery is relatively reasonable and economical; generally speaking, the cost of surgery in Taiwan is only five-fifths of the United States and six-sixths of the United Kingdom. Not only that, we also provide a complete health check at an accessible price.

Safe Environment

The most beautiful thing in Taiwan is friendliness

Taiwan has been selected as one of the top 10 safest countries in the world. After dark, Taiwan is still quite safe. People still visit night markets and go abroad. At the same time, among Asian countries, Taiwan has fewer crimes and the law and order is quite equivalent. Good, the quality of tourism is good and safe, and more importantly, human touch is the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan. Many international tourists come to Taiwan and receive a lot of warm and generous help.

Featured Attractions


Taipei is the capital of Taiwan. It is a city where most international tourists visit Taiwan. It has convenient transportation and diversified sightseeing spots. Those who like to stay away from the hustle and bustle can go to Jiufen to feel the Japanese style belonging to Taiwan. The clouds are surrounded by the mountains, selling and hanging. Wandering in the old street, turn into Jiufen Old Street, feel the fantasy scene and atmosphere of the Japanese movie Miyazaki, tired, stop to stop the bowl of hot taro balls, after the sky fades, taste the tea aroma in the tea house , Enjoy the night and beauty surrounding Jiufen together; travelers who love the modern city can climb the highest Taipei 101 in Taiwan, whether it is climbing Xiangshan, breathing fresh air, witnessing its magnificent majesty, or visiting Taipei 101 Jingtai feels its terrifying sense of deterrence, which is the best first step to know Taipei.


In Taichung, the second largest city in Taiwan, the most symbolic distribution center for Taiwanese cuisine, the night is getting darker, carrying hungry rumblings, and walking into the Fengjia Night Market in Taichung. The authentic stinky tofu, chicken steak, halogen taste, and pearl milk tea can all be enjoyed here. One-stop ease of satisfaction; in addition, Taichung’s Gaomei Wetland is one of the best wetland ecological areas in Taiwan. It has rich ecological resources and not only can appreciate the beauty of the ecology. In the afternoon, the orange sun slowly falls and the light is gradually rendered. The whole sky is connected with the horizontal line to form a picture, which is quite beautiful.


Tainan is the ancient capital of Taiwan. It is like walking through time and space in Tainan. You can feel the cultural fusion and change of the modern and the past. In the evening, you can go to the salt pan in Jingzijiao, Tainan. Enjoy the salt pan against the blue sky under the orange sunset. With the beautiful pictures of Juyang; at the same time, Chikan Tower is also one of Tainan’s landmark attractions. With the Dutch-style architecture as the main body, and the Chinese style in the later period, when you walk into Chikan Tower, you can feel the strong dialogue with time and space. It also redefines the line between retro and modern.


Due to the steep terrain and low traffic accessibility in the east coast of Taiwan, the ecological and non-polluting environment has created a pine-green marine hue. Among them, the Hualian Qingshui Cliff extends the entire eastern coastline, plus limestone geology and sea water are perfect The milk white sea color created by the combination is amazing; Taroko National Park spans Hualien, Nantou and Taichung, and it is also known for its majestic marble gorge, standing on the side of the steep rock wall and continuous The winding winding tunnels and the blue and blue streams under the valley are breathtaking.


Taiwan is famous for its special cuisine. The beef noodles and chicken chops that are loved by domestic and foreign tourists are definitely the must-sees when visiting Taiwan. It is also one of the best ways to know Taiwan. The popular pearl milk tea is also a must-drink in Taiwan One: Xiao Long Bao wraps fresh pork with thin-skinned Q shells, puts it in a steamer and puts it out hotly, biting a bite, the sweet soup flows out from inside, every bite is full of happiness; in addition, Niu Da Boiled soup base, then put beef chunks and special Chinese medicine package in a large pot, and the long and carefully stewed beef noodles make many travelers crazy for it. Each noodle can absorb the full soup, full of umami .

Taiwanese cuisine is quite diverse. In the morning, you can enjoy tabletop Yonghe soy milk, a bowl of rich and sweet beef noodles at noon, and dinner at the night market for chicken chops with pearl milk tea. Taiwan can definitely bring you a satisfying gourmet feast.